Urdimbre Project of Trinidad comes to Camagüey’s Midas Gallery

Camagüey, Cuba, Dec. 9 – With a wide audience of spectators, a collection of clothing and household items from the right hands of the 15 members of the Urdimbre Community Project, of the Romantic Museum of Trinidad, was inaugurated in Camagüey.

The beautiful collection can be seen in the Midas Gallery, of the Cuban Association of Artisans Artists (ACAA), in the once village of Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe, whose historical center is Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

With this initiative the collective of the Trinitarian town, declared Cultural Patrimony of Humanity and Craft City of the World, takes important steps for twinning with the Agramontine city, for united to safeguard the artisanal tradition.

Warp, founded on June 17, 2017, arrives for the first time in the also known City of Los Tinajones with a valuable collection of its makers, led by the enthusiastic craftswoman Zobeida González Gómez.

The creator Carlos Sotolongo Peña, in the words of presentation of the exhibition, assured that the project was born “from the affinity of a group of friendly artisans who put their efforts” to improve the conditions of commercialization of their works, drive other edges as learning-teaching crafts.

In addition, with Warp it is intended to revalue points and ways of doing in the fraying and embroidery, present in the lingerie collection of the Romantic Museum and enable the exchange with artisans, scholars and experts from other countries.

Sotolongo says that “excellence is worth the production of the 15 members of the project” (14 women and 1 man). He adds that everyone with their own style, with a preferred technique exhibits in one of the oldest cities in America, more than 50 sets of works. He describes the embroidery of the pieces as marvelous; Exquisite, crochet and delicate, the frivolite. They are pieces for men, women and children, as well as to beautify the home “rewarded with the air of modernity”.
Highlights the forgotten bobbin lace, the newly appeared Tenerife, the fabric of the miñardí and the elusive mesh. Among all the garments also highlights what Carlos Sotolongo Peña calls “the trousseau of the house” that groom the wide Midas Gallery of Camagüey. These are tablecloths, napkins, centerpieces, rugs and bedspreads, among many other wonders of crafts.

It is the gift to the once Villa de Santa María of the Port-au-Prince or to the region of shepherds and hats of the National Poet, Nicolás Guillen that on February 2, 2020 will celebrate the 506 anniversary of its foundation.

Paraphrasing Carlos Sotolongo Peña the members of the Warp Project, every afternoon from their headquarters in Trinidad, “like the city itself, they look at the sea, that Infinite Blue Caribbean”, weave and embroider in tight knots, “the threads with an enthusiasm alien to the vicissitudes ”and make your dreams come true. (Text and photos: Lázaro David Najarro Pujol / Radio Camagüey).(Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez)


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