Vilma removed the woman from the domestic space

By Diosmel Galano Oliver / Radio Camagüey.

April, 2020.- They say that at the Universidad de Oriente, in her native Santiago de Cuba, he always stood out in her studies, and it was there that Vilma Espín Guillois began her bond with the youth forces that yearned for and acted for an independent nation.

Since then, she has been very active on the steep streets of the untamed city in order to guarantee the necessary support to the members of the Rebel Army who in the Sierra Maestra held the rifle to go inch by inch liberating the nation.

There, in the heat of the combat, she also met love in the then young Raúl Castro Ruz, one who grew up with the conquests and construction of the country that since January 1, 1959 was closer to the dream of the Homeland that the Apostle outlined years before of Independence, José Martí.

At the head of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC), Vilma led another revolution, the one that took half of the island’s population out of oblivion and led it to conquer all social, political and economic spheres; one that untied the image of women to the domestic and servile space to make it the protagonist of development.

On this day when Vilma would be celebrating her birthday, my first thought is for Raúl and how much he must miss her since her strength and simplicity were immortalized on the Second Front; for Mariela, a beloved daughter who does much today to promote social policies that bring society closer to everyone and for the general good.

The Cuban woman also receives the hug this day, one that multiplies in the effort to continue at the foot of the canyon as the eternal president of the FMC did all her life, the same Vilma who from her Alma Mater always showed energy and sweetness, today multiplied in families throughout the Island. (Photo: Internet).(Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez)


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