Before Covid-19, a light from Cuba that kisses souls

By Lázaro David Najarro Pujol / Radio Camagüey.

April, 2020.-Cubans have never experienced such difficult times as now when the Covid-19 epidemic, caused by SARS-Cov-2, mourns thousands of homes in the world (+98% of nations).

Not even the difficult times of the Special Period (economic crisis worsened in the 1990s), deprived us of the streets, of the open smile, of the humor to make fun of our problems and the threats from the north.

For the first time in the last 60 years we are forced to be isolated, socially, to eradicate the festivals that are par excellence of our idiosyncrasy and to deprive ourselves of hugs to avoid contagion.

We never imagined that we would be forced to hide part of the physiognomy, but not the joy that we express with sparkles in the eyes.

As my colleague Yanet Lago Lemus wrote to me: «When we win the epidemic, we will resume our walks and make plans. The magnificent plan to return to a routine that he did not value before. That: words to express hugs and plans that kiss souls ».

«[…] Great plans that pop into my head all the time. I swear that as soon as this is over we will gather friends to celebrate; When everything ends I will be able to hug my nephew who turned a month old and the photos are not enough for me ».

«[…] Now I force her parents to put the phone near the crib to listen to the sounds they make, each one more beautiful than the last… and I speak to her, and sing to her, so that she recognizes my voice when this happens and she can Go to see it”.

In the midst of these dark times caused by the disease we are forced to avoid visits to family and friends to avoid this pandemic that is plaguing humanity.

It is an invisible enemy that has no face and that can be present in the streets and imposes on us the indispensable fashion of wearing nasobucos. Times in which kisses are replaced by applause, just at nine o’clock at night, the time of the cannon shot in Havana.

But the SARS-Cov-2 virus also multiplies the spirit that is always present in Cubans to spread solidarity, especially in times of darkness.

In misfortune we stretch out our hands and show a light of hope with real actions such as the doctors of the greater Antilles in different nations of Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America.

Cuba is a sociable and authentic nation, whose people by nature feel the misfortune and pain of others, radiating light and hope, instead of punitive measures that intensify suffering.

We learned it from our National Hero, José Martí who was consistent with his thought: “Helping those who need it is not only part of duty, but part of happiness.”

The world appreciates the light that the island radiates, and especially the Italian Minister of Public Administration, Fabiana Dadone, described as an extraordinary example of solidarity and collaboration from Cuba to combat Covid-19 in the Piedmont region. “Each do his share of duty, and nothing can beat us,” said José Martí in his time.

The coronavirus has not broken our dreams. When we overcome the epidemic that consumes humanity, we are going to climb mountains again, we are going to hug each other. We will continue to show solidarity and plan “kissing souls” plans. (Photo by the author).(Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez)


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