Holguín, Cuba: World Festival of Artistic Youth in times of coronavirus (+ Photos)

By Lázaro David Najarro Pujol / Collaborator.
May, 2020.- In times when more than 98 percent of the planet’s countries are affected by Covid-19, with almost three million people infected, the 27th edition of the May Pilgrimages, World Festival of Artistic Youth that It is held annually in the city of Holguín, this year it will be lived from home, interacting from profiles on social networks, the organizers said.

The most important cultural festival of Cuban youth is held every year from 2 to 8 of the fifth month of the year to convene creators and promoters of culture in order to safeguard the original roots of each region of the planet.

In the 2020 edition, the Hermanos Saíz Association (AHS), which groups young Cuban creators, urges writers, artists, researchers, promoters, volunteers, Youth Teachers, Members of Honor of the organization and other people to share, On the website http://www.ahs.cu, images from past editions, memories, songs and poetry, as part of a continuing essence that is the soul of the Cuban organization and culture.
In the midst of a pandemic that has claimed the lives of around 300 thousand people on the planet, it is not feasible to flood the streets, squares and stages of people, nor with the closure of borders to count on the presence of creators from different latitudes, ” But the rosemary spirit is not renounced to keep alive in these complex moments, aware that art also saves ”, according to the Organizing Committee.

With the perception of “Because there is no today without yesterday” and that “We are all Romerías”, the also known City of Parks and Capital of Young Art in the world, for almost eight days of activities friends have already been invited from all latitudes to its 27th edition with the maximum aspiration to found.

In this universal party, the AHS, is the main protagonist. The streets, squares, parks and cultural institutions of Holguín, some 750 kilometers east of Havana, will also not be the scene of great concerts and performances, simultaneous exhibitions, workshops and public dances, but we will virtually recall from our homes the experiences lived in previous editions.

The Romerías de Mayo, is a meeting of a universal nature with a common idea: to continue, since modernity and following the tradition of the Day of the Cross, the now world famous festivals of young art.

It is a cultural event that combines tradition and modernity. We recall with infinite satisfaction the traditional parade from the modern area to the Historic Center, to later load the Holguin Ax as a ceremonial exponent of the agro-pottery groups in the region (found in 1860 by an officer of the Spanish Army in the vicinity of the Loma de the cross).

We also immortalized the immense Cuban flag carried by dozens of young people who, on a beautiful pilgrimage through the busiest streets of the city, made their way, organized, among a crowd of hundreds of people arriving not only from the entire island but from various nations of the world .

We remember the tour enlivened by the music band and the performances, during the journey, of dancers, martial arts athletes and skaters.

We observed in several editions how the participants wore their best young art finery. Through its streets, a whole crowd of girls and boys turned enthusiastically and became makers of the greatest cultural event in Holguín and the most important youth cultural festival in the country.

The Romerías de Mayo renew a rite born on May 3, 1790, when Father Antonio Alegría placed a wooden cross on top of Cerro Bayado, today Loma de la Cruz, in order to celebrate a Hispanic religious tradition, by the that of the people who lose the tradition runs the risk of losing themselves.

We witnessed asimos how with great enthusiasm thousands of young people climbed the steps of the Loma de la Cruz, 275 meters above sea level, carrying on their shoulders the replica of a Taino ax symbol of Holguin par excellence.

Those who have experienced essential moments of the May Pilgrimages can send their reviews, memories and stories to ahsromeriasencasa@gmail.com. (Author’s photos).(Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez)


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