«I was in my mother’s womb when the Great Patriotic War»

 Testimony of a Russian woman who was born on the Day of Victory over Fascism, a symbol of the triumph of the peoples of Russia, a day of national pride, mourning and eternal memory.
May, 2020.- Five years ago I met Aleftina Primelles, Russian survivor, daughter of a Soviet pilot from the Canteria Convention Center, held at the Santa Cecilia Convention Center in the city of Camagüey. Great Patriotic War (1941-1945).

Along with almost a hundred members of the Russian Speakers Association in the also known City of Tinajones, he remembered the memorable date. He did not hesitate to grant me the interview. His eyes sparkled with the opportunity to perpetuate both his father and grandfather who were pilots during World War II.
It was a mixture of pride, joy, hope and pain. Pain for the loss of loved ones. He showed me photos of his grandfather and family. I was touched. Her sweet and confident voice conveyed the passion of a woman who, by chance, had the chance to survive in her mother’s womb in one of the most abominable wars in human history.
In the face of a complex international context in which the United States follows the path of the extermination of people, he stared at me as if looking for hope and advocating a more harmonious and possible world. Peace is the only way to save humanity and not hostilities. He illustrated that in the XXI century the tragedy of war is repeated in various countries, driven by imperialism.
Not to relive the hardships of your family, of your mother pregnant with you in the middle of a conflict? What do you know about your hero father? Open a folder and show impressive evidence of war. She tells me that according to testimonies, photographs and investigations carried out by her and other documents, her father, Nikolay Kiriushin, arrived at the gates of Berlin, Germany.
The Second World War was very hard not only for those who were at the front but also for the entire Soviet people, he tells me emphatically and looks at the horizon as if looking for memories of his childhood and the stories told by his mother. Since I was a child (born September 1944), I investigated what happened at that sad stage in the life of humanity and the war adventure of Nazi Germany. The victory, which we all celebrate today, preserved the lives of millions of people. My grandfather, Fyodor Eliseeva, died in combat and 67 years after the war began, they found his remains and they were able to identify him, among other elements, by the number of his soldier’s coat and he was buried in his hometown (Malaya Vishera), with all the military honors.
His eyes are wet. Try to hide your pain. They are distressed and reserved tears run down his cheeks. My mother, Natalia Eliseeva, suffered and received all kinds of abuse during the occupation of the troops of Nazi Germany in a small community near the railway between Moscow and the then Heroic city of Leningrad, now Saint Petersburg. He explained that in order to avoid supplying the Russian Army, that railway branch and the city were razed by the fascists. Everything was bombarded. My mom, miraculously, was able to survive. He testified that the women of the house were forced to remain in inhumane conditions in a hayloft, and to cook Nazi soldiers, who were doing their physiological needs in front of them. All the honeycombs, they told him, were destroyed, depriving them of the food of raw hell. The only thing left for the family was a cow that could hide in the forest, this woman assured that on September 9, 2020, she will be 75 years old.
She, when Victory Day over Fascism, had just been born. I was in my mother’s womb when the Second World War, or Great Patriotic War. History cannot be forgotten so that the torments suffered by the Russian people will never be repeated, because what the German fascists did is not characteristic of humans. (Text and photo: Lázaro David Najarro Pujol / Fuente, Primicia. El Diario de Todos)(Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez)


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