Before the Covid-19, author of the best cookbook in the world recommends exercises regularly without leaving home

By Lázaro David Najarro Pujol / Collaborator.

May, 2020.- In the face of an epidemic like COVID-19 that has taken the lives of thousands of people and infected almost four million human beings in the world, the most recommendable thing is to maintain social isolation and to carry out physical exercises to combat obesity without leaving home.

The chef de cuisine Frank Rodríguez Pino, a worker at the Hotel Gran Club Santa Lucía, in the tourist area located northeast of Camagüey, winner of the World’s Best Cookbook Award, Paris 2011 with his text Useful Kitchen recommends staying home to preserve your life and your family.

Precisely in the book Sabor y Saber that will represent the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards at the Paris Cookbook Fair, in Louvre-Tuileies, from June 3 to 7 of this year, recommends on pages 180 to 182 the way to lose weight without risk, and more now that people are isolated in their homes.

The work was acclaimed in the Chinese city of Yantái, in which 26,000 books from 205 countries in Asia, Africa, America and Europe were presented; of which three reached the final, including Sabor and Saber de Rodríguez Pino.

The author considers that the only way to lose weight is by consuming fewer calories than you burn, and even more in the current context that you should not leave homes to exercise.

“The most appropriate way to do this is to lose between 0.5 and 1 kilogram a week.” “If you try to lose weight faster, your health will suffer and your body will rebel, since the metabolism will respond to the decrease in energy consumption, acting more effectively.”

Kitchen chef Frank Rodríguez Pino suggests following a low-fat diet and exercising regularly, even if it’s indoors. He notes that by following “an exercise program, it is likely that the additional calories consumed after reaching the intended weight are less likely to be stored.”

Indicates weight lifting, even if improvised, to help build muscle mass and also compensate for the natural loss of muscle tissue that leads to aging. Chef de cuisine Frank Rodríguez Pino is currently working on two cookbook projects: Comer es historia, dedicated to Cuban people and personalities, and a special chapter about the culinary tastes of Ernesto Che Guevara; and the second, at the table with Fidel, with the preferences of the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution. (Photo: Internet).(Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez)


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