Radio Cadena Agramonte celebrates by doing

By Diosmel Galano Oliver / Radio Camagüey.

June, 2020.- Since the cradle of El Mayor, he has been using sound as an image for more than sixty years to relate the experiences of the people of Camagüey, to inspire them to continue building an inclusive society and be part of the region’s history.

Many voices of men and women were part of the local families at this time, and with them thousands of skillful hands, creative ideas and self-sacrificing spirits to keep it active at all times, so that its frequencies never go off and give accurate information.

Being in the heart of the town is the main motivation and to achieve this they know how to create melodies capable of keeping the most faithful listeners or that captivate those who are willing to be carried away by the charm of living with the magic that occurs through the ether.

Radio Cadena Agramonte is also home and school, in these 63 years of existence of their studies professionals went to other media or with the task of founding new stations in the region until Camagüey became one of the largest systems in the country.

Today reaches another anniversary of doing the main radio station of the Camagüey’s citizens and will celebrate it in the only way possible in times of pandemic, together with the audience with the details of the victories that are woven daily in the territory in this fight against the COVID-19.

But surely there will be no lack of congratulations and multiple displays of affection to those who, with the word, stay together with the people and give life to the radio in Camagüey, they are also heroes of life. (Photo: Internet).
(Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez)


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