San Juan Camagüeyano ends today from social networks

Camagüey, Cuba, Jun 29.- Several centuries of history, culture and popular traditions of San Juan Camagüeyano were celebrated in a different way this year, through digital platforms, given the impossibility of developing them as usual, with popular carnival festivals, due to the social distancing imposed by COVID-19.

Since the beginning of the current month, the organizing committee of the event, the oldest of its kind still active in the country, with a date of celebration between June 24 and 29, Days of San Juan and San Pedro, respectively, called for the use of the facilities of new communication technologies.

This allowed remembering and promoting the memory of the appointment through content published by users, both locals and foreigners.

That was the case of the Camagüey’s Amaury Garriga, a resident of the Canary Islands, who from his Facebook profile, on the 24th, the date on which the festivities traditionally begin, shared several photos from previous years, when he vacationed in his homeland and enjoyed sanjuaneras celebrations with friends and family.

In conversation with the Cuban News Agency, via Messenger, he assured that the most important thing is to keep them latent, and when he found out about the initiative he was aware every day to join.

The entire world was paralyzed with the pandemic, we all changed with this situation, he said, and consequently everything around us as well, but hence the most important thing that has been done from the networks of the carnival, because this way it was shown how alive he is in the mind and heart of the people.

In the same way, the local woman Migdalia Crespo, a neighbor of the El Cristo neighborhood, one of the areas most deeply rooted in the tradition of congas in the area, commented, who reaffirmed the positive aspects of the initiative.

Although it does not reach all people in the same way, he added, there were many of us who joined sharing what had been done in previous years in the congas trials, the comparsas, as it would always be on June 29, when from early in the Tomorrow we formed the burial of San Pedro, with which they say goodbye to the carnival.

With the realization from social networks, this is how the San Juan Camagüeyano ends today, with that show of certain burlesque nuances through which alleged mourners walk behind a rag doll to the rhythm of drums, until burning it to chase away bad omens, and constitutes in addition, final symbol of the celebrations.

All the cultural institutions of the city involved in the development each June of the festivities shared their experiences, and various theoretical actions were carried out through forum discussions on the event’s Facebook profile on the importance of maintaining the tradition.

Photos, videos, comments, works of the celebrations reflected by the media in previous years, among other elements, were placed on the platforms using various labels alluding to these festivals. (ACN) (Photo: Internet)(Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez)


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