Camagüey’s creators impregnate their art in children’s home

Camagüey, Cuba, Jul 3.- The Home for children without family protection Plaza Habana, in this city, sports revived furniture and carpentry, and a better setting, as a result of a project undertaken by artists from the Fund of Cultural Assets (FBC) in Camagüey.

The cultural institution also donated two computer tables to the center, benches that complete the breakfast area, and the furniture in the rooms was repaired, according to the Cuban News Agency Belkis Cruz Zaragoza, director of the Camagüey’s Fund affiliate.

The artisans and artists, supported by the clowns Lila and Chiquitín, belonging to the Camagüey group Teatro Cubano de la Magia, celebrated the birthday of four of the infants who reside in the aforementioned house.

The moment was propitious for recognizing the work of transformation achieved with a lot of love and intent, and at the same time, the relationship that they maintained with the children, highlighted Margarita Díaz, director of the home, which welcomes 12 children from seven to 18 years old.

Today the house is more beautiful, and we hope they continue, he said, something that is appreciated and appreciated by the children and workers who work at the institution.

In addition to the goodies typical of a celebration like that and other gifts, the Camagüey’s subsidiary delivered a plastic work by Adrián del Pino, which reflects a seascape, a distinctive element of the Island of Cuba.

The 23-year-old author of the piece, graduated from the Vicentina de la Torre Academy of Arts in Camagüey, told the ACN that it is important that we all have a little piece of sea at home, so it seemed the right time to give away this type of work.

Like his colleagues, he places great value on the collaboration they offer, where, in addition to restoration work, they will seek to stimulate creative skills in children, through workshops on topics related to their specialties.

For the creator of the plastic Néstor Liván Peña, who has another project with children with disabilities, it is a joy to favor the restoration and setting of this house, which makes their lives better, he said.

We are encouraged, he said, the desire to contribute something, not for profit, and more when it comes to such special people.

In Camagüey there are four homes for children without family protection, three in the capital city of the province and one in the municipality of Florida, the latter for children between seven and 18 years of age.

Willing to leave their marks on the educational institution, the members of the FBC in the territory will continue to sponsor the Plaza Habana home in alliance with the Provincial Directorate of Education.

Likewise, they plan to extend this type of project to that of La Zambrana, also located in this city. (ACN) (Photo: Radio Reloj)(Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez)


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