They reinforce sanitary and vehicular control in accesses to the city of Camagüey (+ Photos)

Camagüey, Jan 18.- Health and vehicle control is reinforced at the accesses to this city, as part of the measures to contain the current outbreak of COVID-19, which caused the transition of the municipality of Camagüey to the autochthonous transmission phase limited.

Personnel from the Traffic Directorate of the Ministry of the Interior, one of the entities that participates in these actions, ensures the operation of eight control points established in the provincial capital, where the movement of people and means of transport that do not perform functions is limited official such as those related to production and prioritized economic activities.

Public Health personnel and the National Revolutionary Police also work in such places, and conditions are created for their stay there, among which are tents and bathrooms set up in the face of the current epidemiological contingency, as well as fixed telephone and water services. .

State traffic inspectors, belonging to Transportation, also contribute to compliance with the regulations for vehicular operations, whose drivers must have the means of protection in terms of hygienic measures, official circulation documents and authorization in case of proceeding from other provinces, for well-justified reasons.

At the site where the north and south ring roads converge, via the east, works Inspector Idelis Quesada, who told the Cuban News Agency (ACN) that the mission of her and her colleagues is to check the cars that enter the city through the east central highway.

So far, drivers comply with the instructions to stop, in order to take their temperature and review the aforementioned documentation, she said.

The temperature investigation, one of the issues to consider before possible suspects, those who arrive in the town or move to another area of ​​the region, is part of the work of health professionals, such as the stomatologist Pablo Santiesteban.

Together with another of his colleagues, we found him at the aforementioned control point performing the tasks in a 24-hour shift, and further explained that when a high temperature or other symptom is detected, they request the ambulance service in order to carry out a PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test or other study that confirms the condition.

Passengers and drivers consulted by the ACN described the measures being implemented as pertinent, as they seek to confront and reduce the increase in infections with COVID-19 in the territory, but they expressed their opinion on the importance of health specialists having a greater number of thermometers, which would speed up the process.

Likewise, it is urgent to be extremely vigilant of any person who passes through these places, since it has happened that some from other provinces have traveled a section on foot and pass directly through those points.

These controls and reinforced surveillance with movement restriction in areas of the provincial capital with active sources of COVID-19 integrate the actions before the autochthonous transmission phase of the dangerous pathogen. (ACN) (Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez)


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