Historian’s Office for a tangible and intangible heritage in Camagüey

By Claudia Artiles Díaz/Radio Camagüey

February, 2021.- The City of the Tinajones, one of the first seven towns founded on the Island, was blessed by the fertility of its lands, the beauty of its countryside, the hospitality of its inhabitants and the infinite cultural world that charges from here life since that February second.

The patrimony and the protection of the same was a task of order for the inhabitants of this region who, 507 after its foundation, encourage projects for the economic, material, spiritual and cultural development of the Camagüey city.

The Office of the Historian of the City of Camagüey is undoubtedly the protagonist in this task with initiatives that in the course of the last decade have changed the face of the Shepherds and Hats Region.

Such is the case of the remodeling of the boulevard and Ignacio Agramonte street, better known as the street of cinemas, where the history of the seventh art is mixed in a unique artery of its kind in all of Cuba.

To date, there are several projects that are added to the long list in order to preserve our tangible and intangible heritage, thus comes the dream of a pedestrianized Independence street where culture will find a place in each paving stone and tradition will take over the walls to tell stories.

The urban cultural landscape and its protection will have the scoop in the new attraction that also aims to be an inclusive street with interactive elements protected by new information and communication technologies.

Likewise, the new project promoted by specialists from the Master Plan of the Office of the City Historian appears under the name of Creative Industries, art plaza, which is an opportunity for the construction of collective knowledge and the sustainable development of the community.

Strengthening the capacities of cultural and economic agents and the local population is the main objective of the Creative Industries project in Camagüey, which is defined by the production and commercialization of goods of cultural, artistic and patrimonial content.

The construction of a Heritage Interpretation Center within the Camagüey’s necropolis also serves as a proposal to strengthen the cultural heritage and the interrelation of the public with the funerary history.

Preserving the local tangible and intangible heritage is one of the fundamental machinery that gives life to this city every morning where the magic of stately charms and modernity converge between alleys and squares between avenues and churches. (Photo: Internet) (Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez)

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