Camagüey: they evaluate health intervention behavior and warn about the incidence of COVID-19

Camagüey, Cuba, May 14.- On the more than 20 thousand workers belonging to the Public Health sector who have received in Camagüey the first dose of the vaccine candidate Abdala, it was reported the day before in the session of the Provincial Defense Council.

In this sense, the organization and agility of the process throughout the territory, the preparation of the personnel, as well as the guarantee of the chosen premises with the proper conditions for the medical check-up prior to the supply of the immunogen were ensured.

At the meeting, Dr. Carlos Moran Giraldo, deputy director general of the sector in the territory, said that 11 thousand 91 PCR samples were carried out the previous day, which yielded 32 positives, 25 of them native and seven imported.

At the end of this information, more than 450 patients were admitted to the Amalia Simoni hospital and the Octavio de la Concepción y La Pedraja military hospital, of which 14 remained in intensive care, five critical and nine seriously ill.

The specialist also referred to the notable increase in positive cases in the province, where the incidence rate is 65.7 per hundred thousand inhabitants and the highest figures are concentrated in the municipalities of Camagüey, Minas and Vertientes, respectively.

For its part, the Evacuation Commission added that there are around two thousand people in isolation centers and it is working to increase capacities, especially for travelers from Russia.

In Camagüey since January 1 of this year to date, 3,595 positive cases for COVID-19 have been diagnosed and 34 deaths have been lamented. (Radio Cadena Agramonte) (Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez)


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