Two exceptional measures, for the benefit of the Cuban population, come into force today

Havana, Cuba, Jul 19.- Two sensitive measures that reaffirm that the Cuban State does take into account the opinion of the population will come into effect today: the granting of a supply book to those who are temporarily outside their provinces, and the importation by natural persons of food, toilets and medicines, without limits and free of tariffs.

In addition to responding to popular claims, both have in common their validity until December 31, 2021, their degree of exceptionality due to the restrictions derived from the impact of COVID-19 and the United States’ blockade of Cuba, evidenced in the shortage of resources, without forgetting that, despite this, the standardized basic food basket has been guaranteed to millions of people.

So that from today a certain hustle is expected in Consumer Registration Offices, known as Oficoda, for the application and delivery procedures of that document, with which to acquire the regulated products while outside the province of origin, and in airports -except for the international airports of Varadero and Cayo Coco-, although the epidemic has reduced flights.

As Betsy Díaz Velázquez, Minister of Internal Trade, explained at the Informative Roundtable, more than 200 thousand people will be benefited by authorizing the establishment of a family nucleus, since many have not been able to travel to their provinces of origin due to COVID-19, are rented and do not receive the products of the regulated family basket where they are temporarily.

Also included are citizens who do not have the Certificate of habitable residence where they reside and those who have never been registered or repatriated.

Regarding the importation by Cuban -and foreign- travelers of food, toilets and medicines, free of tariff payments, in the radio-television space itself it was explained that the limits are set by the airline.

But these products must be differentiated or separated from the rest of the personal luggage, in order to facilitate and expedite the crossing of the border for travelers, stressed Nelson Cordovés Reyes, head of the General Customs of the Republic.

In the case of food, he asked to comply with phytosanitary regulations and recalled that drugs or drugs with a similar effect will not be admitted.

The new conditions for the importation of medicines, hygiene and food are contained in Resolution 309 published in the Extraordinary Official Gazette No.62, and according to Meisi Bolaños Weiss, Minister of Finance and Prices, it is not the first time that Cuba has taken a measure of this type, since in 2008 it had to do so due to the damage caused by several hurricanes.

Travelers arriving through Cayo Coco and Varadero can only bring one suitcase, in accordance with the hygienic-sanitary measures in force since July 15, taking into account the complex national, regional and international epidemiological situation and the need to contain the spread of COVID-19 cases in the country.

In order to reduce the risks associated with international travelers, a group of provisions related to International Health Control was adopted for those arriving in the country through the Juan Gualberto Gómez international airports, in Varadero, and Jardines del Rey, in Cayo Coco.

Another measure is that tourists are prohibited from free movement outside both tourist poles. (ACN) (Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez)


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