Cuba, target of an unconventional war (+ Photos)

By Lázaro David Najarro Pujol/Contributor

July, 2021.- With good reason, the Colombian chronicler and writer Juan Antonio Gossaín Abdalah, in the face of so many hoaxes that flood cyberspace, described social networks as antisocial.

“This does a lot of damage, it is the total discredit of the networks” and he also declared: “THE ANTISOCIAL NETWORKS, THEY HAVE ME DESPERATE!”.

What Gossaín Abdalah declared on November 19, 2020 to the magazine Primicia Diario, from Colombia, is currently being suffered by Cuba, but with more intensity than in his country. The United States uses “ANTISOCIAL NETWORKS” and powerful digital platforms as an unconventional war against a small country in size, but with great dignity.

In Colombia, communication campaigns have been used to discredit the just demands of the people of the sister nation. They are true peaceful demonstrations, well organized, waving the flag of their country.

What has happened is not easy to explain or understand. When the new technologies appeared, we all celebrated for the immediacy, but soon the internet appeared with lies, manipulation, farce… The hoaxes flooded social networks!, Juan Antonio Gossaín Abdalah emphasized.

In Cuba, social networks were used and financed from the United States to mobilize mercenaries, criminals, worms (as the people of the island call them) and not a few naive, but they did not fly Cuban flags, but the northern country, whose government submits to the largest of the Antilles to the longest blockade in the history of mankind.

They were not peaceful demonstrations, but vandalism, robbery, incitement, contempt for public order… The policemen, as the only armor against stones, punches and Molotov cocktails, carried morality, principles…

The National Revolutionary Police is made up of men and women of the town, simple men and women who are equally suffering the effects of the gringo siege against their country in the midst of an epidemic that the US uses as a weapon of war.

Unfortunately, most of the people are young people between 25 and 37 years old, most of them have criminal records.

Communications media were unscrupulously lent to the manipulation orchestrated from the United States, which, without any objectivity, echoed false news, images that did not correspond to Cuba, such as those of Alexandria and Buenos Aires as if they were sites of La Havana

Even the current president of the United States, who maintains the blockade of more than 60 years on Cuba (and the 243 measures established by the previous administration of the White House), lied when talking about repression and disappearances in a country in which there was never any has reported not a single missing person. He cynically says you are very concerned for the people of the Island. But he does not show it with the lifting of the economic, financial and commercial blockade.

Faced with the failure of the incitement to social revolt, the US government uses its most measured means against the Island. And to further discredit them, they tried to use the corrupted Organization of American States (OAS) as a manipulative instrument.

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez highlighted the defeat of the maneuver promoted by Washington against the island that sought to impose a meeting of the OAS Permanent Council, scheduled for Wednesday, July 28.

The meeting had the supposed purpose of discussing the situation in Cuba after the riots of July 11, instigated from the United States and accompanied by a strong campaign on digital networks and international media that was denounced by Antillean authorities.

In a tweet, Bruno Rodríguez pointed out that the rejection of the majority of the member states of that regional forum forced the suspension of the session and thanked the countries that defended Latin American and Caribbean dignity.

Cuba is the target of an unconventional war that includes the exacerbation of violence in digital spaces and the global dissemination of fake news to distort reality and stimulate the destabilization of the country.

Recently, the Minister of Foreign Relations Rodríguez reaffirmed that in the nation there was no act of repression against the people, nor was there a social outbreak on July 11, and he rejected the slanders disseminated in this regard.

The Cuban Foreign Minister also denounced the use of the Clubhouse mobile application, of the Apple platform, to organize counterrevolutionary sectors in destabilization plans.

The cable published by Prensa Latina specifies that the White House should not forget that cybercriminals organized on the deep Internet stormed the Capitol in January 2021, summoned by the lie that the current president, Joe Biden, snatched the presidency from Donald Trump he added in another message.

Clubhouse, an audio chat social network, has a wide variety of groups and virtual rooms to dialogue on various topics, talk shows, music, contacts, appointments, presentations, political discussions and more.

The government of the island denounced: «considerable resources are dedicated, it is not something improvised. It is something very well designed, structures and agencies of the United States with laboratories dedicated to creating these conditions and achieving their objectives.

What hypocrisy! The US, which unleashes wars against TERRORISM, now stimulates terrorism against Cuban embassies in different countries, including Panama and France. It is the impotence in the face of so many defeats at the UN and its attempt to destabilize order on the island. (Photos by the author) (Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez)


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