ICAIC celebrates National Culture Day with projection of the film El Mayor

Havana, Cuba, Oct 20.- The film El Mayor, a posthumous feature film by Rigoberto López Pego, will be screened today in a special way at the Chaplin Cinema in the capital, action of the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry (ICAIC) to celebrate the Day of the National Culture.

As part of a series of special presentations of the most recent of its productions, ICAIC chose El Mayor to commemorate this significant date.

The film, according to the synopsis shared by the ICAIC, enters the action genre, and is inspired by the life of Major General Ignacio Agramonte Loynaz (1841-1873), narrating the trajectory of one of the great political leaders and military personnel from the Cuban war for independence.

He defined it loyalty to the revolution and to his comrades in arms.

He faced contradictions and successes, and a tenacious struggle with himself, the most intense of his controversies. When narrating the epic of El Mayor, the film delves into the adventures that forged the Cuban nation, points out the ICAIC in the synopsis.

Rigoberto López Pego, director of this audiovisual work, died in January 2019 before seeing the film released, and according to Luciano Castillo, who directs the Cinemateca de Cuba, it was to this that its author dedicated his last breath, it was the work of his life.

The script was prepared by López Pego, together with the playwright Eugenio Hernández Espinosa; the executive production was in charge of Ramón Samada and Danilo León; while the photography direction was in the hands of Ángel Alderete.

As the main character, playing El Mayor, the young actor Daniel Romero appears, who is accompanied in the cast by Claudia Tomás, Rafael Lahera, Ulyk Anello, with a special performance, in addition, by Aramís Delgado.

It is expected that soon the film can be presented to the general public, in line with the reopening of cultural centers in the country, after the closure due to the pandemic caused by COVID-19.

ICAIC has joined the celebrations for the Day for Cuban Culture with a film program that includes a special presentation of several of his latest productions.

Several audiovisual materials were chosen, being the Hugging Back, directed by Jonal Cosculluela and Maritza Ceballos, the documentary that opened the cycle of screenings on October 15. (ACN) (Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez)

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