Yari Delgado: questioning the behavior of the individual

Camagüey, Cuba, Oct 21.- From the Provincial Council of Plastic Arts (CPAP) we share a very brief interview with Yari Delgado, a young visual artist deserving of a Mention for his work distancing, from the series Estudio de las sombra, in the 32nd Fidelio Ponce de León Visual Arts Hall, held from virtual platforms.

Artistic formation?

I am a computer science graduate with a self-taught artistic training.

Artistic interests, slopes and themes?

It is very broad: I am an illustrator, a photographer and I dabble in graphic design a bit.

Topics that you address in your work, interests that move you?

My topics, which I address, are about the human being, mainly. Through my Shadow Study series I was able to further define my interests in questioning the behavior of the individual.

How do you get to the Fidelio Ponce?

I got to know about Fidelio Ponce because I saw the Convocation on social networks and I got interested.

Future projects?

I want to experiment and work on performance, above all. (CPAP) (Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez)

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