Camagüey will develop the ninth edition of its International Video Art Festival

Camagüey, Cuba, Feb 20.- Although it will only be from the virtual space where the International Video Art Festival of Camagüey (FIVAC) will take place between April 4 and 12, the power of convocation of one of the most prestigious events of The city, and the only one of its kind in the country, surpassed the delivery of more than 200 works from some thirty nations during its call period, which ended last Sunday.
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Arte Plaza… culture to grow (+ Photos)

Camagüey, Cuba, Jan 25.- The Office of the Historian of the City of Camagüey (OHCC) puts on the table a new project aimed at the cultural, socioeconomic development and conservation of the heritage of the city of Camagüey.

Creative Industries, Arte Plaza is the name of the initiative approved since 2019 and which is funded by the European Union and whose execution will be linked to Non-Governmental organizations such as Care International and Oikos. Leer más de esta entrada

For each paving stone to flourish (+ Photo report)

Photos: Ricardo de la Paz Cervantes/Radio Camagüey

January, 2021.- Arches that mix between the bars and the color of baked clay, memories of bricks with crosses framed by the years and stately airs that take you back to a remote past where a dress with a train dragged its way down each step made of wood and the fan hid furtive glances of a fictional love. Leer más de esta entrada

Camagüey will bid farewell to 2020 from art and culture

Camagüey, Cuba, Dec 28.- Literature, cinema, recreation in the territory’s campsites, plays, music and performing arts are some of the cultural manifestations that go hand in hand in the last days of 2020 to say goodbye to the year in the province of Camagüey, maintaining the established norms to avoid contagion of COVID-19.

The oral narrators of the Sociocultural Project eJo will star in their customary rock Forget the Clocks, who from the central Plaza de los Trabajadores will give their audience nights of healthy entertainment through direct interaction with the attendees. Leer más de esta entrada

She and him united by dance

By Diosmel Galano Oliver / Radio Camagüey

April, 2020.- He knows that dancing is neither a job nor a lifestyle, but nothing prevents the rhythm of the body from starting, almost uncontrollable, the same that accompanies it since childhood; because first was the dance. Leer más de esta entrada

Ceramics, digital art, and painting converge in the Exhibition Imagine

Camagüey, Cuba, Dec. 13.- After being appreciated by Camagüey’s spectators, it is open to the public at the La confronta Gallery, of the headquarters of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC), in Santiago de Cuba, the Imagine exhibition, composed of 28 heterogeneous pieces of ceramics, digital art and painting, by American artists Laura White Carpenter, Cynthia DiDonato and Richard Neal.

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Camagua won the Oscar of Folklore Prize at the World Festival in Italy

Camagüey, Cuba, Aug 27.- For the second time in history, the prestigious company Camagua obtains the Oscar of Folklore Award for Best Choreography, at the 49th edition of the Mondiale Folklore Festival in Castello de Gorizia, Italy, (the previous award was in 2016).

The above was declared today by the master of science and choreographer Fernando Medrano Vireya, director of the Camagüey’s group, which with that award at the end of its tour of Europe, lives up to its slogan: “We distinguish artistic excellence. We are: Art Without Concessions ”… Leer más de esta entrada

Fire Declared in Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

Paris, France, April 16.-  A fire was declared on Monday in the cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, one of the most visited places in the capital of France, while numerous firefighters try to put out the fire.
A spokesman for the Paris Fire Brigade declared that important means were deployed to try to control the flames, in a site considered the most visited historical monument in Europe.
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