Two exceptional measures, for the benefit of the Cuban population, come into force today

Havana, Cuba, Jul 19.- Two sensitive measures that reaffirm that the Cuban State does take into account the opinion of the population will come into effect today: the granting of a supply book to those who are temporarily outside their provinces, and the importation by natural persons of food, toilets and medicines, without limits and free of tariffs.

In addition to responding to popular claims, both have in common their validity until December 31, 2021, their degree of exceptionality due to the restrictions derived from the impact of COVID-19 and the United States’ blockade of Cuba, evidenced in the shortage of resources, without forgetting that, despite this, the standardized basic food basket has been guaranteed to millions of people.

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The perverse tale of the US government that 184 States of the world do not believe (+ Photos)

By Lázaro David Najarro Pujol/Contributor

June, 2021.- The latest accusations from the United States (repeated year by year), that Cuba is a country that does not collaborate in the fight against terrorism, is a story that most of humanity does not believe.

It is a failed strategy that they use to divert the world’s attention from the true sponsors of terrorism and to justify the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States against Cuba.

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Study as a permanent necessity

By Diosmel Galano Oliver/Radio Camagüey

June, 2021.- On June 10, 1968, Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro Ruz delivered a speech at the Rubén Martínez Villena Technological Institute on the occasion of the graduation of students from this technological center and from the Ilya Ivanov School.

“…There has to come a day when all factories study, there has to come a day when study becomes a permanent necessity throughout life, as an indispensable condition for the advancement of any country and for the constant elevation of the productivity of the work”, expressed.

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They analyze the work of the Cuban Workers’ Central in the municipality of Camagüey (+ Photos)

Camagüey, Cuba, Jun 10.- Deep and critical analyzes characterized the Plenary Session of the Municipal Committee of the Central of Cuban Workers (CTC) in Camagüey, which focused its attention on the work of 2020 and the first months of this year.

At the meeting, issues that have to do with unionization in its voluntary and individual nature, the contribution and the contribution to the Homeland were evaluated, in which more action is required to achieve better results.

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Camagüey denounces severe impact of the blockade on agriculture

Camagüey, Cuba, Jun 2.- Huge damage has been caused to Camagüey agriculture by the criminal economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States government on Cuba for six decades.

According to the engineer Aracelis Reyes Reyes, the highest representative of the sector in the capital of Camagüey, this interference by imperialism affects livestock, various crops, and poultry and pig production.

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Cuba for strengthening cooperation with the Eurasian Economic Union (+ Photo)

Moscow, Russia, May 21.- Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel today highlighted the close ties of friendship and cooperation that unite the Caribbean nation with the member countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (UEE).

Speaking this Friday at the meeting of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council, the president reiterated Cuba’s commitment to the UEE as an Observer State, a decision approved at the last meeting of the Council, on December 11, 2020.

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Railway workers face blockade limitations

Camagüey, Cuba, May 14.- With intelligence and a permanent search for solutions, the workers of the Camagüey Railway Workshops face the limitations of resources necessary in the repairs they carry out, problems that are aggravated by the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the government of USA.

Dedicated to the rehabilitation of locomotives, wagons and the foundries of railway equipment components, the second enclaves of its kind in the country show delays in production rates as a result of the lack of inputs, parts and pieces.

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They repair clinical furniture of a Camagüey nursing home

Camagüey, Cuba, May 7.- After undergoing a major repair, a group of wheelchairs that had not been used for a long time due to breakages were delivered to the Manuel Ramon Silva Home for the Elderly, in the capital of Camagüey.

The work to restore the useful life of these essential equipment for that institution was carried out by the personnel of the Recovery Department of the Center for Clinical Engineering and Electrometrics headed by José Daniel Abreu Blanco.

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