COVID-19 in Cuba: 9,363 positive cases, 452 correspond to Camagüey

Havana, Cuba, Aug 4.- At the close of yesterday, August 3, 97 thousand 799 patients were admitted, 47 thousand 709 suspects, three thousand 977 under surveillance and 46 thousand 113 confirmed active.

For COVID-19, a total of 39,671 samples were made for surveillance on the day, resulting in 9,363. The country accumulates 6,668,893 samples and 422,614 positive samples (6.3 percent).

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Cuba achieves its fifth gold medal and goes for more at Tokyo 2020

Tokyo, Japan, Aug 4.- With the fifth gold medal won today by the fists of the star boxer Arlen López, Cuba is positioned 13th in the medal table and expands its possibilities of adding new titles at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

The world and Olympic champion of the 75 kilograms, Arlen López (now in 81 kilograms) positioned himself at the top of the podium in his division, after beating the British Benjamin Whittaker by a score of 4-1 (triple 29-28, 30- 27 and 28-29).

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A Revolution in every sense of the word

By Diosmel Galano Oliver / Radio Camagüey

August, 2021.- During an exchange at the School of Philosophy and Letters of the University of Havana, on August 4, 1967, Prime Minister Fidel Castro Ruz describes the plans designed for the capital in the agricultural sector and in the sowing trees in the city, with the support of young people.

“Our university is going to be put to the test, and the creative, organizing, and developing capacity of the University of Havana will be put to the test; Even culture is going to be put to the test ”.

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Bulevar EnZona, new virtual store of Restaurant 1514 in Camagüey (+ Photos)

Camagüey, Cuba, Aug 4.- In order to provide services, the EnZona platform for electronic commerce in Camagüey expands its production management to dissimilar units and establishments of Commerce and Gastronomy in the territory.

Such is the case of Restaurant 1514, which has been using the application since March, initially in person supported by the QR code that was scanned by customers, and in the last period thanks to the development of the https virtual store: //

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Grateful foreign graduate for medical training in Camagüey

Camagüey, Cuba, Aug 4.- Jabibou Jallow, a native of the Republic of Gambia, on the African continent, was the best comprehensive graduate of the Carlos J. Finlay University of Medical Sciences, in Camagüey.

Upon receiving his Gold Title, he expressed that he had to travel a long way to get here, but that he treasures many moments of joy and good memories that will accompany them wherever he wants him to be.

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Camagüey accumulates more than 20 thousand 800 patients diagnosed with SARS-CoV-2

Camagüey, Cuba, Aug 3.- Of the 622 new positive cases to SARS-CoV-2 reported by the province of Camagüey during the last day, 313 correspond to the main municipality, for which the territory reaches a total of 20 thousand 812 patients diagnosed with the virus this year.

According to information provided by Alfredo Leal Gutiérrez, head of the Acute Respiratory Infections and Tuberculosis Program in the district, 22 existing transmission events are kept under epidemiological surveillance in the geography of Camagüey.

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In Cuba 9,629 positive cases of COVID-19, 622 are from Camagüey

Havana, Cuba, Aug 3.- At the close of yesterday, August 2, 95 thousand 349 patients were admitted, 45 thousand 212 suspects, 4 thousand 171 under surveillance and 45 thousand 966 confirmed active.

For COVID-19, 39,294 samples were studied, resulting in 9,629 positive samples. The country accumulates six million 648 thousand 722 samples made and 413 thousand 251 positive.

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Díaz-Canel highlights government actions to control COVID-19 in Ciego de Ávila

Havana, Cuba, Aug 3.- Miguel Díaz-Canel, first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) and president of the Republic, highlighted on Twitter the actions of the Government to control COVID-19 in the province of Ciego de Ávila, the most complex.

The president said that a team led by the Minister of Public Health, José Ángel Portal, the Deputy Prime Minister Jorge Luis Tapia Fonseca, and the member of the secretariat of the Central Committee of the PCC Félix Duarte Ortega, takes new measures to contain the disease in that territory from the center of the country.

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