They convene in Camagüey the Environment and Sustainable Development Workshop 2021 (+ Call)

Camagüey, Cuba, Apr 12.- In tribute to the 25th anniversary of its creation, the Camagüey Environmental Research Center and the territorial delegation of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (CITMA) summon professionals dedicated to the activity of research, training, development and environmental management to participate in the 2021 Environment and Sustainable Development Workshop.

This event will be held on June 3 and 4 of this year at the Santa Cecilia Convention Center, in the city of Camagüey; But, by virtue of the current health situation, it will participate in the face-to-face and virtual modality, complying with the established measures to avoid the spread of the pandemic.

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Fourth-year students from the polytechnics in Camagüey will finish the school year

Camagüey, Cuba, Apr 8.- More than 600 students of secondary technical education in the municipality of Camagüey will carry out study completion exercises this month, detained because of the pandemic, in addition to carrying out graduation events in a reduced format by specialties.

In May, in conjunction with the Labor Directorate, the work placement for 100 percent of recent graduates will be established, as well as the delivery of the title, certification of grades and completed studies.

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CITMA and education strengthen strategic alliances in Camagüey

Camagüey, Cuba, March 29.- The science system in the province of Camagüey develops strategies to strengthen alliances with the educational sector of the demarcation, according to Liosha Arias Artiles, Territorial Delegate of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (CITMA ).

In this sense, he commented that among these strategies deployed, the link with the University of Camagüey “Ignacio Agramonte Loynaz” stands out, with which a work agreement was signed that includes 101 actions.

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We go to work confident of the safety of the children, say people from Camagüey

March, 2021.- The people of Camagüey Marisel González and Javier Peña go every morning to the nursery school of this city where they take care of their two children and leave them safe in the institution and then go to work, due to the seriousness of those who work there and to the strict compliance with sanitary hygiene measures in the face of COVID-19.

Marisel qualified those protocols as effective in order to avoid contagion with the disease, and exemplified the requirement that infants carry three nasobucos to change them during the day, and other directed disinfection and distancing actions. Leer más de esta entrada

University of Camagüey invites the International Meeting of Civil Engineering Students

Camagüey, Cuba, Mar 12.- The First International Meeting of Civil Engineering students, convened by the Faculty of Construction of the University of Camagüey (UC) Ignacio Agramonte Loynaz, will be held virtually from May 25 to 28 of the current year.

Cuban and foreign students of the aforementioned career and graduates of the last two courses may participate in it, and among the topics to be discussed are modeling, experimentation, analysis of structures and elements of roads, design of structures and road works, conservation of road works and buildings. Leer más de esta entrada

Walking for education

By Diosmel Galano Oliver/Radio Camagüey

March, 2021.- Tania dresses for work, now she adds a large shirt and a scarf for the sun to her usual clothing. Before she made the trip to school, now she stomps around the community to reach her children.

Several generations of the rural town of San Serapio know the scope of her pedagogy, and like her, all the teachers and pedagogical assistants of the Isidoro Armenteros Muñoz primary school go to the homes to control the educational process in times of pandemic.
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New content and readjustments in the programming of the Educational Channel (+ Photos)

Camagüey, Cuba, Mar 5.- The municipalities and provinces in the limited autochthonous transmission phase as of next March 15 will have a readjustment in the TV-class programming grid in the different subjects and levels of education as new content will be taught.

During the first two weeks of the current month, reaffirmation and consolidation are intensified so that students can carry out evaluative actions together with the family through oriented activities. Leer más de esta entrada

Education has no borders

Havana, Cuba, Feb 24.- At a time when training challenges are greater than ever, the President of the Republic, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, praised the initiative to establish a scientific pedagogical complex in Ciudad Libertad, and it was for more: he indicated to create an experimental pedagogical theme park and then expand the project to the whole country.
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