Establish regulations for retail installment sales

Havana, Cuba, Jul 22.- The Cuban Ministry of Internal Commerce (Mincin) approved the provisions for the sale by installments to natural persons, of goods whose prices exceed two thousand five hundred pesos, such as furniture, mattresses, bicycles and equipment home appliances.

Resolution 98/2021, published this Tuesday in the Extraordinary Official Gazette number 66, establishes among the requirements to acquire these items, be a Cuban citizen with permanent domicile in the country, reside in the province where the sale is requested, as well as have over 18 years of age, legal and payment capacity.

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Two exceptional measures, for the benefit of the Cuban population, come into force today

Havana, Cuba, Jul 19.- Two sensitive measures that reaffirm that the Cuban State does take into account the opinion of the population will come into effect today: the granting of a supply book to those who are temporarily outside their provinces, and the importation by natural persons of food, toilets and medicines, without limits and free of tariffs.

In addition to responding to popular claims, both have in common their validity until December 31, 2021, their degree of exceptionality due to the restrictions derived from the impact of COVID-19 and the United States’ blockade of Cuba, evidenced in the shortage of resources, without forgetting that, despite this, the standardized basic food basket has been guaranteed to millions of people.

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