Toast with good wine, a tasting with a flavor of culture and tradition

By Maritza Padilla Valdés/ACN

November, 2020.- Perhaps due to accidental fermentation of some sweet liquids, humanity knew the first two alcoholic beverages, which in ancient civilizations were produced spontaneously, hence they were always associated with the divine and miraculous.

But they soon secured their presence in family and religious ceremonies in ancient societies, and governments and empires were also quick to regulate their commercialization, according to digital publications. Leer más de esta entrada

Rum Port Prince of Camagüey will continue in the market

Camagüey, Cuba, July 11.- With satisfactory results in its main economic indicators, the Beverage and Soft Drinks Company (EMBER), of Camagüey, concluded the first semester of 2019. Leer más de esta entrada