Ordering Task stimulates employment in Camagüey

Camagüey, Cuba, May 3.- As of the implementation of the Ordering Task, the Directorate of Labor and Social Security in this municipality of Camagüey has managed to place more than two thousand people in employment.

A report debated in the Assembly of People’s Power in the territory indicates that this figure represents almost 85.0 percent of the total of Camagüey’s citizens who have applied for employment from January to date.

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Work centers in Camagüey maintain vitality despite COVID-19

Camagüey, Cuba, Feb 26.- Despite the limited autochthonous transmission phase in which the municipality of Camagüey finds itself, from the incidence of COVID-19, the work centers of this demarcation maintain their vitality through various work modalities.

The boards of directors of each entity define the people who can remain in their usual position and evaluate the cases of those who can perform remote work, explained Jeannette Casanova Cosío, Deputy Director of Employment of the Provincial Directorate of Labor and Social Security (DPTSS ). Leer más de esta entrada

They act in Camagüey to comply with the demographic policy

By Rodolfo Medina Hechavarría/Radio Camagüey

Camagüey, Cuba, Jan 8.- The demographic dynamics in Cuba, marked by the negative migratory balance, the low levels of sustained fertility and the increase in life expectancy at birth, constitutes one of the recurring themes on the government agenda.

The decrease in the population and its increasing aging are aspects that influence the development of the country.
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Progress in Camagüey establishment of places in different forms of employment

Camagüey, Cuba, Jan 6.- In the course of the year just ended 2020, the Directorate of Labor and Social Security, in this municipality of Camagüey, worked intensively in the offer of jobs to the population.

According to data offered by Oscar Sanamé Veliz, the highest representative of that organization in the territory, more than 4,100 places were established for different entities. Leer más de esta entrada

Quality and efficiency, essential tools in work

By Yadira Nuñez Figueredo / Radio Camagüey.

September, 2019.- The work, according to the Dictionary of the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language, constitutes a paid occupation, a work that is the result of human activity and that produces wealth.

In Cuba, its meaning translates into a social guarantee, a source of spiritual and material enrichment, an essential link for the development of the country.

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The work: the most valuable creation.

Camagüey, Cuba, Feb 14.- The step we take in the world, that’s life. We choose the meaning, the precision and the motive of the voyage. We can be racers able to jump obstacles and follow the march or walkers fatigued aimlessly. The specialty we study, the trade or other work that we do is a fundamental part when it comes to projecting ourselves as human beings.

Vocation and love are fundamental ingredients in exercising the profession. No matter being a reputable scientist or writer, even the simplest job is good when you give yourself quality and deliver your best. Leer más de esta entrada